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Nature article update: Reconstruction of a Viking

In October 2020 an article was published in nature (nature article) that showed a link between one of the skeletons excavated during our archaeological investigations at St. Giles Oxford. (see previous information release here) The skeleton that was uncovered, now with oxfordshire museum service, was part of a larger group which recieved further scientific testing. The testing by…


Site Update: A Roman settlement at Tubney, Oxfordshire.

Excavations at Tubney have been ongoing for several years. Previous phases of excavation revealed very little archaeology. That all changed with the latest phase. The features that were uncovered at the crest of a slope on the site show a Roman ladder settlement. Above: Plan of the settlement. The settlement included several boundary ditches, creating…


Site Update: Interesting finds from Woodsford, Dorset

Excavations at the quarry have been undertaken over many years by TVAS, recording a wide range of features and finds from the Bronze Age to Roman. The latest phase of excavations is no exception. They have revealed further Iron Age and Roman systems of ditches and enclosure as well as a series of pits and…


Site Update: Greenham, Newbury

Since October 2020 excavations have been taking place at a site in Greenham. Initially only a moderate amount of archaeological features was expected but, upon stripping and cleaning the site revealed a wealth of features.   Several large enclosure ditches, some as deep as 1.7m were uncovered across the site. Within, and around, these enclosures…


Site Update: Redhill Farm, Gloucestershire.

Our North Midlands office have been excavating a site in Gloucestershire. The site was identified by aerial photography and previous work had been carried out on a series of crop-marks in the area.The area of interest for TVAS was a small 50mx50m area containing a previously unexcavated crop-mark.   The excavation revealed a barrow with…

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