TVAS South: Excavations at Lydden Hill Racecourse, Lydden Hill


This post contains pictures and discussion of cremated human remains.

TVAS South have recently finished their excavations at Lydden Hill Race Circuit, Wootton, Kent. Following a successful evaluation in November 2020, a full excavation of the area was conducted.

One of the main highlights from the excavations was the discovery of 5 cremation burials. These burials were found in close proximity to one another and with an array of grave goods.

One of the cremation burials, discovered during the evaluation, produced 89 jet beads, 33 iron hobnails and at least 3 pottery vessels within the cremation pit.

Jet beads found during excavation

Jet beads found during excavation


Hobnails found during excavation

During the full excavation, a further 4 cremations were found. Some of these also contained vessels and jet beads. One even contained at least one copper alloy bracelet.

Close up of a vessel with at least one bracelet

Close up of a vessel with at least one bracelet

Vessel with at least one bracelet

A vessel with at least one bracelet

Cleaned bracelet

Bracelet cleaned during post excavation













These cremations have been roughly dated to the Roman period based on the type of pottery. A more precise date will be produced once all the finds have been cleaned and sent to our specialists for further analysis.

The post excavation process is currently underway with a full report of the findings to be published soon.

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