TVAS East Midlands: Excavations at Dunton Lane, Biggleswade

TVAS East Midlands: Excavations at Dunton Lane, Biggleswade

TVAS East Midlands have recently finished their excavation at Dunton Lane, Biggleswade. Here is a summary of their findings with a full report to follow soon.

Above: plan of the excavation area

The site is situated within a rich archaeological landscape; with a wide range of sites of many periods in the surrounding areas and several settlement complexes recorded. A 73 trench evaluation, undertaken in September 2021, identified a variety of archaeological features that also confirmed the findings from an earlier geophysical survey. From the evaluation two areas were opened for full excavation.


The earliest occupation was represented by an Iron Age enclosure ditch with internal pits. This enclosure ditch was surrounded by a larger, likely contemporary, “D” shaped ditch.


A triple ditch enclosure to the west of the Iron Age enclosure has been dated to the Roman period. The ditches were of an impressive size with some parts over 1 metre deep. Within this enclosure were 6 cremations, which may signify the importance of this large enclosure during the Roman period.


Above: the site as seen from above

The area to the south west of the Roman triple ditch enclosure produced a Medieval trackway and quarry pits dating to 12th-14th centuries. A Late Medieval gravel surface was also excavated; this may be a predecessor to the current Dunton Lane which has early origins.


Overall, the site produced a large assemblage of Roman pottery and three distinct areas of occupation. The post excavation analysis is currently ongoing with a full report to follow soon.


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