CNN article about Viking skeletons

CNN article about Viking skeletons

In 2008 TVAS excavbated a site at St. Giles in Oxford (see previous information release here). The site itself revealed evidence of a Late Saxon Period massacre. Thirty-five men and boys were uncovered and been linked to the St. Brice’s day massacre of 1002 AD.

Since the analysis was concluded there has been significant interest in the skeletons. Recently, work done on a genomic study revealed a link connecting one of the skeletons to a relative in Denmark. Read more about that here.


Above: sk1756 during excavations at St. Johns, Oxford.

Further work was done on a reconstruction of the head of the Danish individual, which was found at Galgedil and can be seen here.

Now, as shown in an article by CNN, The National Museum of Denmark will display these two individuals.

The published monograph (no.17) containing this work is available for the TVAS website by clicking here.


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