Nature article update: Reconstruction of a Viking

Nature article update: Reconstruction of a Viking

In October 2020 an article was published in nature (nature article) that showed a link between one of the skeletons excavated during our archaeological investigations at St. Giles Oxford. (see previous information release here)

The skeleton that was uncovered, now with oxfordshire museum service, was part of a larger group which recieved further scientific testing. The testing by Margaryan, A., Lawson, D.J., Sikora, M. et al., and publish in Nature, showed there to be a link to the skeleton uncovered (see below) and one excavated in Denmark Denmark at Galgedil on Funen.

Above: sk1756 during excavations at St. Johns, Oxford.

While the revelation of this connection was incredibly interesting in and of itself, the The National Museum of Denmark has reconstructed the face of the skel;eton uncovered in Galgedil.

Above: The reconstructed head of the Galgedil skeleton.

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