Site Update: Redhill Farm, Gloucestershire.

Site Update: Redhill Farm, Gloucestershire.

Our North Midlands office have been excavating a site in Gloucestershire. The site was identified by aerial photography and previous work had been carried out on a series of crop-marks in the area.The area of interest for TVAS was a small 50mx50m area containing a previously unexcavated crop-mark.


The excavation revealed a barrow with a diameter of 25m. The ditch section of this barrow was c.0.5m deep and c.1.6m wide and was a complete circuit of the barrow.

Above: The ring ditch being excavated

The barrow contained only a single cremation which was in an large ceramic vessel. Outside of the barrow, to the south, several more truncated cremations were uncovered.

Above: Block lifted cremation ready to be carefully excavated

The site and finds are currently being analysed in preparation for a report.

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