Warrior Burial on display at the Novium, Chichester

Warrior Burial on display at the Novium, Chichester

During excavations at North Bersted a large grave was uncovered. As it was excavated it became apparent that the grave was unusual. Well preserved grave goods were unearthed. Amongst these the weapons and armour were the most impressive.

The front of the helmet after preservation.

The side of the same piece.

The helmet had openwork Bronze pieces that had been added to a standard Roman cavalry helmet. These pieces are unique and, now conserved, spectacular.

Images of the helmet pieces held in place where they would have been.

Along with the helmet a sword, spearhead and shield boss were recovered.

The sword.

The shield boss.

The grave itself was large and included impressive pottery and evidence of a cover for the burial creating a possible tomb.

The burial during the excavation.

The contents of the grave and further information is now on display at the Novium museum in Chichester