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TVAS Educational Resources

TVAS have mounted several displays and exhibitions designed to share our findings from the sites that we excavate. On several occasions these have contained informative posters which we can now freely make available for download. Below is a list of sites for which material is available with links to download in PDF format.

Dever Close, Micheldever, Winchester, Hampshire

TVAS excavated an area of land next to the known site of a medieval and post-medieval manor house. The archaeologists revealed a series of garden features associated with the houses and numerous medieval pits and ditches. An open day was held on the site in March 2013 to present our findings to the local community. Three posters were created with information on the excavations, the manor house and the other features. These are available below to download as A1 PDFs:

Background information on the site and the manor houses (6.34MB)
Information on the previous archaeological work carried out in the area (3.04MB)
Details of the TVAS excavations, part 1 (5.70MB)
Details of the TVAS excavations, part 2 (8.23MB)

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Storey’s Meadow, Marlands Lane, West Meon, Hampshire

An area of land was excavated by TVAS north of the village of West Meon in advance of the construction of a housing development. The excavations uncovered a 29m-diameter Bronze Age ring ditch and 49 Saxon graves, both adults and children. An open day was held on the site in November 2011 to present our findings to the local community. Two posters were created with information on the excavations, the ring ditch and the cemetery. These are available below to download as A1 PDFs:

The background to the excavations and details of the ring ditch (830KB)
Information about the cemetery detailing two burials in particular (9.36MB)

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5 Townsend, Haddenham, Buckinghamshire

Between June and July 2011 archaeological fieldwork took place prior to the development of the site for new houses. The excavations uncovered a variety of features that are fairly typical of the 'backlands' of a medieval settlement. These included evidence for the division of the land, rubbish disposal and animal management. A site open day was held to share the archaeological findings with the local community. The posters created for this are available as A1 PDFs below:

History of Haddenham and the Archaeological Evaluation (5.21MB)
Background to the current fieldwork and the Desktop Study (3.01MB)
The Excavation (10.8MB)

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Plumley Wood Quarry, Hampshire

Excavations in advance of gravel extraction at Plumley Wood Quarry revealed an extensive Roman pottery industry. An open day was held mid-way through the excavations for the local archaeological society for which a display poster was created:

Prehistoric Occupation, Burial and Roman Settlement and Kilns (7.15MB)
Plan of the excavations as of 19th Feb 2011 (177KB)

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The Church of the Immaculate Conception, Bicester

During the construction of new parish rooms in November 2010 TVAS discovered a tightly-packed Anglo-Saxon burial cemetery. Three of excavated skeletons were put on display inside the church for a media event attended by TV and newspapers as well as the local historical society. A poster was designed to provide background information on the site, the excavations and their findings. An A1-sized PDF version of the poster is available below for download:

Excavations at the Church of the Immaculate Conception (4.41MB)

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St John's College, Oxford

In October 2010, to celebrate the opening of the new Kendrew Quadrangle buildings, TVAS were asked to create an exhibition detailing the finds of the Elizabeth House excavations, in particular the Viking mass grave. A series of eleven posters were created to tell the story of the site from the Neolithic henge through to the Post-Medieval farm. These are all available to download at their original A1 size:

Kendrew Quadrangle: Monuments, Murder and Farming - A summary of the excavations (6.58MB)
Phases 1-2 - Late Neolithic to Roman (2.96MB)
Phases 1-2 - The Henge (4.02MB)
Phase 3 - Mass Burial: Excavating the grave (14.7MB)
Phase 3 - Mass Burial: Identities (2.67MB)
Phase 3 - Mass Burial: Pathology (8.17MB)
Phase 3 - Mass Burial: Hacked, Stabbed and Shot - Physical trauma visible in the bones (11.8MB)
Phase 3 - Mass Burial: Patterns of Violence - Analysing the trauma (3.93MB)
Phase 3 - Mass Burial: Conclusions (9.22MB)
Phases 4-7 - The Medieval Period (2.79MB)
Phases 8-11 - The Post-Medival Period (4.11MB)

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Note: the posters are all A1 sized, it may be possible to print them at A3 size though the text will be very small. Alternatively, you can take them to a print shop or, if that is not possible, TVAS can print them for you on blade paper at sizes up to and including A1. The charge for this is £5 per order. If you would like to take advantage of this offer please email us at

To view the PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or equivalent. Click here to download Adobe Reader

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