TVAS (North Midlands)
Tel: 01782 595 648
TVAS (South West)
Tel: 01823 288 284
TVAS (South)
Tel: 01273 554 198
TVAS Head Office
Tel: 0118 926 0552

Company Profile

Formed in 1988, TVAS has over twenty five years' experience in dealing with the archaeological implications of modern development projects and the requirements of the planning system. We have carried out over two thousand projects in the intervening years. These range from 1 person/day watching briefs to substantial area excavations. Our corporate and individual experience is extensive and we undertake projects of all periods and site types. We carry out both consultancy and fieldwork projects. Our involvement in a project is dependant on the scale and nature of the archaeology present. This can be summarised as:

Apart from struck flint, human bone and small assemblages of animal bone, we subcontract all of our specialist studies to various consultants. For the less usual specialisms, we have sufficient contacts with which to find an appropriately qualified specialist.

Insurance cover comprises: Professional Indemnity (£5m), Public liability (£10m), Employee liability (£10m) and cover for hired-in plant.

Thames Valley Archaeological Services has a sister company based near Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland: TVAS (Ireland).

TVAS Staff

Steve Ford BA PhD MCIfA FSA

Assistant Director/Director of Fieldwork:
Jo Pine BA MSc MCIfA

Regional Branch Manager South:
Sean Wallis BA MCIfA

Regional Branch Manager South West:
Agata Socha-Paszkiewicz MA

Project Coordinators:
Tim Dawson BSc MSc ACIfA

Danielle Milbank BA

Senior Project Officers:
Andrew Taylor BA MA MCIfA

Project Officer (North Midlands):
Garreth Davey BA PCIfA

Project Officer:
Andrew Weale BSc

Site Supervisors:
Kyle Beaverstock BA

Genni Elliott BA MPhil

Luis Esteves BA

David Sanchez BA MA

Felicity Thompson BA MDip

Andrew Mundin BSc ACIfA

Geophysics Manager:
Tim Dawson BSc MSc ACIfA

Geoarchaeological Manager:
Jo Pine BA MSc MCIfA

Richard Fryer BA

Post-excavation Officers:
Steve Preston BA MCIfA

Aidan Colyer BA MA

Ceri Falys BSc MSc PhD BABAO

Christina Mateos BA MA PhD

Richard Tabor PhD

Archives Officer:
Anna Ginger BA

Archaeological Officers:

Cosmo Bacon BA

Rebecca Constable BA

Jesse Coxey BA

Nick Dawson BSc MA

Maisie Foster BA

Virginia Fuentes-Mateos MA

Cecilia Galleano BA MA

Dominika Golebiowska MA

Michael Johnson BSc MSc

Lizzi Lewins BA MA

Mariusz Paszkiewicz MA

Arkadiusz Piszcz MA

Tom Stewart BA MSc

Benedikt Tebbit BA

Jon Tierney BA

Teresa Vieira BA

Jim Webster BA MA

Jamie Williams BA

Piotr Wrobel MA