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TVAS in the News

Several of TVAS' discoveries have caught the attention of members of the local, national and international press. Links to some of these articles can be found below. In addition, we have made available digitally resources that have been used in various exhibitions and displays mounted by TVAS to inform the general public of some of our discoveries. These can be downloaded HERE.

Open day at Hatch Farm, Winnersh. Excavation of a Iron Age and Roman site.

Archaeologists from TVAS have been conducting an archaeological excavation in advance of a residential and school development at Hatch Farm, Winnersh. The work was commissioned by Armour Heritage Ltd on behalf of Bovis Homes and Persimmon Homes. Two previous episodes of trial trenching on the site identified several areas of high archaeological potential highlighting the need for further investigation which has resulted in the excavations now underway. Sixteen separate areas, totalling c, 4ha have been proposed for excavation. Over 140 people attended the open day along with local press.

Bracknell News, 30th April 2016 - More work to be done after archeological survey at Hatch Farm.

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The Church of the Immaculate Conception, Bicester

A watching brief on the construction of new parish rooms at the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Bicester, Oxfordshire, brought to light several graves. As a consequence of the threat posed by the new development a rescue excavation was initiated to excavate the skeletal material and any other archaeological deposits. The skeletons were part of the cemetery which was recorded during the construction of the car park. Only the eastern end of the cemetery was threatened by the present development and this was the focus for rescue excavation. remains which were identified but not threatened were photographed, recorded and left in situ. Eight articulated skeletons were excavated in addition to several disarticulated human bones which had been disturbed in order to accommodate the new bodies.

Oxford Mail, 18th January 2011 - Twelve skeletons found in Bicester car park
BBC News, 14th February 2011 - Bicester Anglo-Saxon skeletons on display

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St John's College, Oxford

Excavations in 2008 exposed the history of the site going back 5000 years. The highlights included an Anglo-Saxon mass-grave and a massive henge ditch. For the TVAS news bulletins relating to this site see: 14th July 2008. Oxford - A late Saxon(?) mass grave and 11th August 2008. Oxford - Part 2: The henge beneath the bodies. Several newspaper articles were published at the time of the discoveries and also in November 2010 when the finds went on display at the opening of the new quadrangle at St John's. Other news coverage included reports on local TV and radio stations and an appearance on Series 2 of the BBC documentary programme Digging for Britain.

Oxford Mail, 2nd April 2008 - Bones find might be Roman
Oxford Mail, 6th April 2008 - Experts bone up on grisly relics
Oxford Mail, 8th April 2008 - Rare find could be Saxon
Oxford Mail, 17th July 2008 - Monumental find in college grounds
Smithsonian Magazine, October 2010 - A Viking Mystery
Oxford Mail, 5th November 2010 - Experts reveal brutal Viking massacre
Politiken, 5th November 2010 - Ark├Žologer: Danskere blev etnisk udrenset i Oxford
The Oxford Student, 12th November 2010 - Archaeologists make no bones about dig findings
Der Spiegel 46/2010, 15th November 2010 - Massenmord in Oxford
BBC Two, 16th September 2011 - Digging for Britain Series 2: Invaders. A clip of the Oxford grave coverage is available here: St Brice's Day Massacre

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North Bersted, West Sussex

Archaeological excavations taking place on a site in North Bersted, just north of Bognor Regis, West Sussex, uncovered the grave of an Iron Age warrior. The TVAS news article can be read here: 11th August 2008. North Bersted - Part 2: The grave of a warrior. The discovery, which was made in July 2008, drew the interest of the local and national press.

Chichester Observer, 17th July 2008 - 2,000-year-old Roman body found in West Sussex
The News (Portsmouth Today), 26th July 2008 - Iron Age warrior's grave a unique find
The News (Portsmouth Today), 26th July 2008 - Iron Age warrior's grave a unique find
The Daily Telegraph, 1st August 2008 - Grave of warrior prince unearthed
National Geographic News, 8th August 2008 - Iron Age Warrior with Roman Links Found in U.K.

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