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Thames Valley Archaeological Services Occasional Paper 13

The Archaeology of four Pipelines in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire

by Daniel Bray, David Platt, Jo Pine and Andy Taylor

Occasional Paper 13 cover

This paper details the findings of recording actions undertaken during the stripping of four pipeline routes in Oxfordshire, West Berkshire and Wiltshire. Observations along a water pipeline route between Baydon Water Tower and Bailey Hill Reservoir on the Wiltshire/West Berkshire border recorded a Beaker-period pit; a possible Late Bronze Age enclosure; an undated lynchet possibly belonging to a ‘Celtic’ field pattern; part of the ‘Near Down ditch’ linear earthwork (also undated); and, most significantly, two overlapping Late Bronze Age post-built roundhouses. The second, located on the Kennet floodplain at Chamberhouse Farm, Crookham Common, Thatcham, recorded a complex series of palaeohydrological deposits on the floor of the Kennet Valley. These were overlain by a series of early Roman occupation deposits and, subsequently, medieval and post-medieval drainage ditches. Excavations on an easement in advance of pipe laying between Moulsford and Streatley on either side of the Oxfordshire/West Berkshire border revealed a Bronze Age ring ditch and two pit clusters of late Bronze Age date. Two possible boundary ditches of early Iron Age date were also found. The final site is located on the Kingston Stert to Chinnor pipeline in eastern Oxfordshire. Here segments of two occupation sites of early and middle Roman date have been identified along with areas containing organised landscape features (field boundaries) also of Roman date. Isolated features of Bronze Age were also noted with one Bronze Age pit possibly having been involved in pottery production.

A4 soft cover, 22pp, illustrated throughout including 18 colour plates.

ISBN 978-1-911228-07-3

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