Site Update: Excavations at Olney, Buckinghamshire

In 2020 our team from the East Midlands regional office undertook excavation for a housing development in the town of Olney, Buckinghamshire.

The excavations uncovered part of a sunken trackway with seemingly Roman origins. Multiple coins from the 3rd and 4th centuries were recovered from this trackway along with a large collection of local Roman pottery.

Roman Trackway
Above: Roman Trackway.

Large quarry pits were excavated in relation to this trackway and it was evident that the materials from these pits had been used to stabilise and level the trackway over multiple phases of use and repair.

Aerial Photograph of Roman Trackway
Above: Aerial photograph of Roman Trackway.

Excavations also uncovered large occupation pits and the edges of a couple of square enclosures. All of these contained a variety of Roman metal finds and locally made pottery. These features indicated that the excavation area had found the extreme edge of a small settlement.

Roman brooch
Above: Copper Alloy Brooch.

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