Excavations at Caversham Quarry, Sonning Eye, Oxfordshire

During archaeological work, carried out before the area is quarried, a significant Roman landscape was uncovered.

This excavation has revealed multiple graves, a building, and two wells. The first of these is well [345] with a simple wooden stake and stonework construction.

excavated well
Left: The Timbers with the stonework still present. Right: The lower timbers exposed after recording.

The second of the wells had wooden latticework and worked timbers that may have been part of a wooden construction that fell in once the well was abandoned.

Left: The worked timbers inthe well. Right: the wooden latticework uncovered in the well..

The burials that were uncovered were inhumations with the remains being fragile and in several cases partial.

Above: Inhumation burial of Skeleton 279.

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