Site Update: Former Vulcan Pottery Works, Stoke-on-Trent.

Our North Midlands office has been hard at work excavating some interesting sites. The Vulacan works site is one of those. The site is a former pottery kiln site.

The kilns were owned and operated by Swinnertons Vulcan, Fairfields and Britannia.

Left: The kiln in trench 4. Right: The kiln in trench 4 being cleaned.

In total eight kilns were uncovered. Six were bottle kilns and two were muffle kilns.

Above: Fused bowls recovered from the excavation.

The level of preservation across the site was high with all kilns showing at least their foundations. The finds included wasters

Above: The kiln in trench 5.

The kiln uncovered in trench 8 was the best preserved of the kilns and had its floor still intact.

Above: The kiln in trench 8.

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