Dryleaze Quarry's Barrow Cemetery

Dryleaze Farm, located in Gloucestershire, is one of TVAS' longest running quarry projects. It has regularly produced incredible and well preserved archaeology over the last 8 years of investigation. We are currently nearing completion of phase 11, one of the largest areas of interest.

Dryleaze Ring Ditch and Trackway
The above images show the result and excavation of the first Barrows

Similar in form to that of the previous phases, partition 11 has revealed some incredible examples BA earthworks, including three well defined but extensively ploughed round barrows. Each of the surviving ring ditch features are approximately 25m in diameter with a depth of around 40-50cm. Unfortunately It is not clear whether a central berm was present and we are unable to verify the barrow type. In addition to the barrows, open excavation uncovered an ancient trackway thought to be roman in date.

Dryleaze Ring Ditch Gallery

Dryleaze Ring Ditch Dryleaze Ring Ditch Dryleaze Ring Ditch Dryleaze Ring Ditch

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