Publication update - discover TVAS' latest releases

TVAS are pleased to announce the publication of the three newest volumes in our series of Occasional Papers and our latest Monograph. Details of these can be found below and on our publications page along with an order form.

The Occasional Papers cover a range of sites in Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and Kent. At Benson in Oxfordshire TVAS archaeologists uncovered a cluster of earlier Neolithic pits and a Late Iron Age settlement, which included a grave with an assemblage of unexpectedly rich imported pottery. Further west, in Gloucestershire, sites in Tetbury and Tewkesbury continue the prehistoric theme although the latter site also uncovered evidence for settlement during the 13th century AD while to the east, in Folkestone, Kent, an extensive spread of occupation deposits dating from the Late Bronze Age all the way through to the early Roman period were discovered.

Monograph volume 32 details the long-running programme of archaeological excavation in advance of quarrying at Denham, in Buckinghamshire. Here archaeologists discovered prehistoric ring ditches (ploughed-out round barrows), which remained focal points in the landscape into Romand and even Saxon times, when a mixed-rite cemeterey was laid out around them.

Monograph 32 cover