The publication of volumes 10 to 14 in the TVAS Occasional Paper series

The five titles detail the results of archaeological investigations at a range of sites in Hampshire, Oxfordshire, West Sussex, Swindon and Wiltshire.

Occasional Paper 10, entitled "Excavation of Medieval Occupation at Ropetackle, Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex", presents the modest but significant assemblages of pottery and animal bones (among other finds). The quantity of ship nails among the metal finds suggests ship-breaking was among the activities on the site or nearby.

Volume 11, "Medieval and Post-medieval Occupation at 47 Endless Street, Salisbury, Wiltshire" details the findings of excavations in a yard plot on the northern edge of the medieval town. This Occasional Paper contains reports on locally significant stratified and well-dated assemblages of pottery, metallic finds, animal bones and plant remains which will form a baseline for future research into the medieval city, whose archaeology has previously been surprisingly patchily documented.

Occasional Paper 12, "A Middle Bronze Age Pit Circle and Field System, and Roman Settlement at Hitches Lane, Fleet, Hampshire", describes an excavation that covered five areas and were undertaken in advance of development. The largest of the areas contained a substantial 2nd-century Roman rectangular timber-framed building set within a system of fields and passocks, which was remodelled around the middle of the 3rd century.

Occasional Paper 13, "The Archaeology of four Pipelines in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Wiltshire" describes a recoding action which uncovered several features including a possible Late Bronze Age enclosure and two overlapping post-built roundhouses. According to radiocarbon dates place one of the roundhouses in the Middle Bronze Age while pottery suggests occupation also took place in the Late Bronze Age/early Iron Age.

Occasional Paper 14, "Two Roman Occupation Site near Swindon: Wanborough and Purton". The two archaeological excavations presented in this volume, at Wanborough to the southeast of Swindon, and Purton to its west, primarily focus on Roman occupation and add to a growing picture of dense rural settlement in this area throughout the Roman period.

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