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TVAS News: Plumley Wood Quarry Aerial Photos

Excavations in advance of gravel extraction at Plumley Wood Quarry, Hampshire have uncovered an extensive Roman pottery industry. A large area has been exposed containing at least four pottery kilns along with associated postholes, gullies and enclosures. While the excavations themselves were still ongoing an open day was held for the Avon Valley Archaeological Society. A poster detailing the project's findings was produced for the occasion and can be downloaded here: Plumley Wood Quarry: Prehistoric Occupation, Burial and Roman Settlement and Kilns.

While the open day was in progress Jo Crane took a series of aeiral photos from her plane which do a great job of showing the layout of the archaeology and the Society being given a guided tour! Thanks go to Jo and Sue (G-WSSX) for the photos.

Click on the image thumbnails below for larger versions:

View of the site looking southeast. The site viewed from the south. The excavated kiln is can be seen just to the north of the orange fencing visible in the foreground.

The guided tour inspecting the, at this point unexcavated, ditched enclosures which can be clearly seen just above the group. The northwestern corner of the site looking north.