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TVAS News: Occasional Papers 4-7 Published

We are pleased to announce the publication of the next four volumes in the TVAS Occasional Paper series:

The four titles detail the results of archaeological investigations at a range of sites in Oxfordshire, West Sussex and Buckinghamshire. Occasional Paper 4, entitled "Medieval Occupation in Marston, Oxford", presents the results of two small excavations which uncovered a surprising density of medieval pits and ditches, giving the first indications of the medieval layout of the village, with origins apparently in the 12th century. The fifth paper, "Bronze Age and Middle Iron Age Occupation and Roman Fields at Lidsey Landfill, Woodgate, West Sussex", describes the two phases of investigation which were undertaken on the site. These brought to light evidence for predominantly prehistoric occupation, being represented by clusters of pits and postholes and small enclosures, which was overlain by a series of Roman field boundaries. "Medieval Haddenham, Buckinghamshire: Excavations at Townsend and Fort End, 2011 and 2013", Occasional Paper 6, details the findings of two excavations within the Saxon settlement of Haddenham while Occasional Paper 7, "Medieval Settlement at Oak Farm, Milcombe, Banbury, Oxfordshire: Excavation in 2012", explores a component of the medieval settlement at Milcombe.

For more information and to order a copy of any of the volumes in the TVAS Occasional Paper series please visit the Occasional Papers information page and complete the order form.

Click on the image thumbnails below for larger versions:

Occasional Paper 4 front cover Occasional Paper 4 back cover

Occasional Paper 5 front cover Occasional Paper 5 back cover

Occasional Paper 6 front cover Occasional Paper 6 back cover

Occasional Paper 7 front cover Occasional Paper 7 back cover