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TVAS News: Monographs 14 and 15

We are pleased to announce the publication of the next two installments in the TVAS Monograph Series:

Monograph 14, entitled "Settlement and Landscape Archaeology in the Middle Thames Valley: Slough and Environs", presents the results of archaeological excavations on five sites in and around Slough, all undertaken under the provisions of town planning legislation. It details excavations at Cippenham, Wexham, All Souls Farm quarry and Beaconsfield which between them uncovered evidence for land use spanning from the Neolithic to medieval periods.

Monograph 15, "Bronze Age and Roman Settlement, with Neolithic and Saxon Burials, at Itchen Farm, Winchester, Hampshire: The Archaeology of the South Winchester Park and Ride", focuses on archaeological excavations which were undertaken in advance of the construction of South Winchester Park and Ride at Itchen Farm to the south of the city. Here archaeologists found evidence for human habitation starting in the Neolithic period and continuing through the Bronze and Iron Ages and into the Roman period. The latest remains on the site were two human burials both of which dated to the Saxon period although both grave also contained Roman finds.

For more information and to order a copy of any of the volumes in the TVAS Monograph Series please visit the Monograph Series information page and complete the order form.

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Monograph 14 front cover Monograph 14 back cover

Monograph 15 front cover Monograph 15 back cover