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TVAS News: Monographs 12 and 13

Monograph 12, entitled "Archaeological Investigations along the line of Ermin Street in West Berkshire, 1992-2008", explores the recent work carried out by Thames Valley Archaeological Services in Thatcham, West Berkshire. It presents the results of small excavations at Turnpike School, at several locations on Bath Road, and at Church Gate, and summarises results of smaller watching briefs and evaluation trenching exercises.

Monograph 13, "Archaeological Investigations to the south of Reading, 2002-2008", focuses on recent archaeological excavations which have added to our knowledge of Roman settlement and landscape exploitation in the area to the south of modern Reading, Berkshire. The five sites reported in the volume include: a Roman occupation site and landscape management at Three Mile Cross, a very similar late Iron Age/early Roman settlement and landscape in south Reading, and at two smaller sites in Shinfield; while a final short paper reports on a Bronze Age pit and Iron Age 'currency bar' hoard from south Reading.

To order a copy of any of the volumes in the TVAS Monograph Series please visit the Monograph Series informaion page and complete the order form.

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Monograph 12 front cover Monograph 12 back cover

Monograph 13 front cover Monograph 13 back cover