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TVAS News: TVAS Press Launched with the Publication of Monograph 11

TVAS Press

We are proud to announce the launch of TVAS Press - our own in-house book printing and binding operation. TVAS Press will allow us to publish books which only require a small print-run, such as our popular monograph series and upcoming occasional papers. The first TVAS Press publication is Monograph 11.

Monograph 11, entitled "Archaeological Investigations in Surrey, 1997-2009", brings reports the results of archaeological investigations in advance of development at eight sites in Surrey; in Mestham, Burgh Heath and Staines, two in Egham and three in Guildford.

These sites, representing 12 years of investigations, together span a period beginning in the Bronze Age and extending through to the 17th century. Findings include a medieval pottery kiln in Egham, insights into the diet of 17th century Guildford and settlements of a range of periods.

For further details of Monograph 11 or to order a copy of any of the volumes in the TVAS Monograph Series please visit the Monograph Series information page and complete the order form.

Click on the image thumbnails below for larger versions:

Monograph 11 front cover Monograph 11 back cover