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TVAS News: Iron Age and Roman settlement evidence found at Cheriton Road Sports Ground, Folkestone

Archaeologists from Thames Valley Archaeological Services carried out a recording action during the initial phase of development at Cheriton Road Sports Ground, Folkestone for SIS Pitches Ltd. The archaeological work revealed the presence of large numbers of Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman linear features and pits relating to settlement activity as well as Bronze Age cremation and Iron Age inhumation burials.

The Iron Age inhumation consisted of the remains of a crouched burial which also contained the remains of several copper beads. The individual was buried on their right-hand side with their arms drawn up around their face. The bones were not very well preserved but analysis suggested that the person was 25-35 years old at the time of death, of unknown sex and had a possible developmental hip deformity which may have caused them to walk with a limp. The placement of a body face down in a grave is commonly viewed as resulting from the fact the deceased person was to be punished after death for a perceived fault, execution, or simply a rite considered appropriate for an individual who was somehow different from their neighbours. Pottery found in the grave dated the burial to the Early Iron Age.

Click on the image thumbnails below for larger versions:

Excavated section of Bronze Age ditch with the cremation burial in the upper levels. Iron Age crouched burial within its grave cut.

Iron Age copper alloy brooch or pin.