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TVAS News: Hatch Farm, Winnersh Open Day

Archaeologists from TVAS have been conducting an archaeological excavation in advance of a residential and school development at Hatch Farm, Winnersh. The work was commissioned by Armour Heritage Ltd on behalf of Bovis Homes and Persimmon Homes. Two previous episodes of trial trenching on the site identified several areas of high archaeological potential highlighting the need for further investigation which has resulted in the excavations now underway. Sixteen separate areas, totalling c.4ha have been proposed for excavation.

The excavation commenced with the removal of the top and subsoil by mechanical excavator to reveal the archaeological features cut into the natural geology (sand, gravel and clay). To date the stripping of the separate areas has revealed a moderate density of archaeological features comprising ditches, gullies, pits and postholes. Early indications from pottery evidence and relative dating place the site within the Late Iron Age/Early Roman period.

During the open day TVAS archaeologists gave tours of the site and explained to the public the work that has been completed and what has been discovered at the site so far.

Click on the image thumbnails below for larger versions:

Excavating the western end of the site with one of the Saxon SFBs visible in the foreground. A worked antler pressure flaker tool, used for flintworking.

Archaeological Officers Cosmo Bacon and Jesse Coxey take a break from demonstrating archaeoloigcal excavation techniques. Archaeological Officer Peter Banks in the role of tour guide taking visitors around the site.

The excavation site viewed from the south-west. The excavation site viewed from the south-west.