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TVAS News: Eysey Manor Quarry Aerial Photos

Following fruitful excavations at Eysey Manor Quarry Phase 5 a series of high-level photos were commissioned to provide an aerial perspective of the findings. The resulting images clearly show the enclosures, ditches and post-built Saxon hall and will assist in the interpretation of the landscape as it changed through time.

These high-level shots were taken using a camera elevated on the top of a long telescopic pole. The image (bottom right) showing the vehicle gives a view of the mechanism from above (note - this image was taken during a previous phase of excavations, Phase 5 is actually located in the field just visible in the lower left corner of the photo).

Click on the image thumbnails below for larger versions:

View looking south showing the variety of enclosures and ditches. View looking south showing the Saxon post-built hall in the foreground and various enclosures and ditches behind.

View looking west. The parallel ditches can be clearly seen. Detailed shot of the two deep rectangular enclosures. Looking west.

General view of the site looking southwest. View from above of the high-level photography equipment in use on a previous phase of the Eysey excavations. The field in the lower left corner of the photo is the current phase (Phase 5).