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Report Archive

TVAS has recognised the importance of sharing the results of fieldwork with the wider community, which is why the majority of reports are freely available on the online database. Click here to start exploring 29 years of TVAS projects. Here you will find our unpublished reports from 1988 to 2017.


30 year experience and over 2,000 projects ranging from watching briefs, geophysical surveys, Desk-based Assessments, to substantial area excavations. TVAS has offices in Reading, Brighton, Taunton, Stoke-on-Trent, and a sister company, TVAS Ireland.

Scientific Date database

TVAS is undergoing a programme of collecting and uploading all scientific dates with a range form Neolithic to Victorian period. The database provides information about the sample tested along with the option to download or purchase the PDF report. Click here to access database.

TVAS now has a redesigned website that is now mobile friendly!

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TVAS has published all it's scientific dating results. The database contains over 300 samples tested from 75+ sites.

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A Bronze Age Ring Ditch and Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Story's Meadow, Marland Land, West Meon, Hampshire, is now available for purchase.