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TVAS geophysics and our Bartington Instruments Grad 601-2 fluxgate gradiometer

Thames Valley Archaeological Services
Geophysical Surveying

TVAS provide archaeological geophysical surveys for both research and developer-led purposes. These are carried out on sites of all sizes across the southern UK by our team of specialist surveyors working out of our Reading office.

We offer both evaluation and characterisation magnetometer surveys using our Bartington Instruments Grad 601-2 fluxgate gradiometer. The typical evaluation survey provides 1600 readings across a full 20m × 20m grid square with the equipment detecting magnetic anomalies between 0.5m and 1.0m beneath the surface. Once the survey is complete the collected data is processed using TerraSurveyor software. This allows the anomalies to be located geographically and an interpretation of the features that they represent can be constructed. The resulting report enables targeted excavation to take place, if required, by providing the archaeologists with the positions of potential features and areas of interest.

A magnetometer survey offers rapid ground coverage and responds to a wide range of anomalies caused by past human activity. These properties make it ideal for fast yet detailed survey of an area, offering a good balance between time and cost and the amount of detail provided

All surveys carried out by TVAS follow the guidelines set out by the Institute for Archaeologists and English Heritage. As such, we ensure that our work is to the highest standard and serves to accurately inform the planning process.

For more information see examples of our geophysical survey reports in our Online Reports Archive or contact Tim Dawson at the Reading office.

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